segunda-feira, 26 de maio de 2014


A Social Business requires energy – energy behind tools that empower creativity and engagement; energy behind helping leaders drive innovation, productivity and strategic thinking; and energy that helps IT find the right solutions without sacrificing security and cost.

As a web-based office productivity suite that is designed to help teams more efficiently share, create, edit and review documents – IBM Docs and IBM SmartCloud Docs is positioned perfectly to deliver on the new requirements of being a Social Business. With IBM Docs, teams can simultaneously collaborate on word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents in the cloud to improve productivity. IBM Docs authors will be able to store and share documents in IBM SmartCloud or IBM Connections (on premise), co-edit documents in real time or edit the most up-to-date version on the server regardless if the editing session is concurrent or individual. This greatly decreases the management of multiple revisions from multiple authors in team based documents, and provides superior real collaboration for teams working across multiple locations, time zones, countries, etc. With no software to download and manage, getting started is simple and easy. 

IBM Docs and IBM SmartCloud Docs are the same code base and offer the same user experience. The distinctions are in offering customers the choice of consumption options : conveniently as a service via SmartCloud for Social Business, or as a server environment that is deployed and controlled “on premise”. 

IBM Docs supports Microsoft Office and OpenOffice file types. As many customers are looking for alternatives to expensive full desktop Office Productivity Suites – IBM Docs provides a rich alternative that can serve many users as the only solution needed for their work with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation uses. For many other workers, IBM Docs provides a complimentary solution to their existing Microsoft Office and/or Apache OpenOffice desktop clients. IBM Docs is intend to support user profiles and use case scenarios that either

  • Do not need all the functionality or costs associated with managing desktop software 
  • Work in highly collaborative ways on more dynamic, informal documents, spreadsheets, and presentations 

Nearly every organization can benefit by using IBM Docs … whether the goal is reducing costs (TCO) or increased productivity, improved efficiencies as teams (ROI) through the advantages of IBM Docs as a tool out of the Social Business toolbox.

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