segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2013

Novos IBM Sametime widgets para IBM Connections já estão disponíveis

IBM Sametime Meeting Rooms Widget for IBM Connections 

Version: 1.0.0
Published by Jason Cheung on Dec 5, 2013
Provided by IBM
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Description: The Meeting Rooms widget can help a social business activate networks of people to make faster expertise-based decisions, speed up business processes and address customer needs.

sexta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2013

Como instalar bibliotecas 32 bits num servidor redhat 64 bits?

Edite o arquivo /etc/yum.conf e insira o parâmetro multilib_policy=all
A instalação das bibliotecas agora não deve ter nenhum problema.
Utilize o comando rpm -ivh Pacote
Dica fornecida pelo consultor Kenio Carvalho via facebook.

quinta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2013

Novas funcionalidades no CR3 do IBM Connections 4.5

Algumas novas funcionalidades advindas com o CR3:

1. Reparenting communities
This function allows an administrator to modify a top-level community to become a subcommunity of another community or modify a subcommunity to become a top-level community.

2. Community activities view
 This function provides a view that lists all activities that are part of all the communities that the user belongs to. The view is linked under My Activities left navigation bar. The listed activities do not include public activities, activities that the user tuned out, or activities that have been completed.

3. Badging
This function adds a badge next to the “@ Mentions” and “My Notification” links within the Activity Stream view.

4. Ideation blogs filter APIs
The new APIs provide extra parameters to filter the results by blog type (e.g. blog, ideationblog, and communityblog). There are also new VM methods for displaying most commented and most visited blogs/entries by blog type.

terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013

Liberado PT-BR para Domino e Notes 9.0.1

Maiores informações em

IBM Sametime 9 Hot Fix 1 enables additional Connections integration

What’s New in Hot Fix 1
In Hot Fix 1, the following features were added to Sametime 9 Communicate, Conference, and Complete offerings:
The Chat Rooms widget displays a list of Sametime chat rooms and allows a user to enter a chat room directly from Connections. The Meeting Rooms widget displays a list of Sametime meeting rooms and allows a user to join a meeting directly from Connections.

Querendo aprender Design Thinking?

Segue uma lista interessante para você sobre Design Thinking. Canal do You Tube - Rodrigo Giaffredo